Easy Bitcoin Currency Converter

is the perfect utility desktop application for anyone who needs to conveniently and safely convert back and forth between Bitcoin/altcoins and fiat currencies. It lets you perform any currency conversion locally by typing a simple (or complex, if need be) expression, such as "0.5 BTC in USD" or "14 EUR + 1 BTC in USD", all while respecting your privacy; no data whatsoever is sent out from your computer except the one necessary signal to securely fetch the latest rates from our servers. It also works offline by using the last loaded rates. You will love the slick, polished interface with just the right amount of truly logical, natural features, and the powerful underlying math engine further supports numerous non-monetary units, allowing for all sorts of useful conversions in the same manner, such as "1 cup to dl", always without sending your private calculations to a third party. And on top of all that, it's now free of charge!

Download for Windows 7 or newer (~30 MB)

Current version: 2, released January 2018. Short video tour available. Mac and Linux versions are sadly no longer planned due to extreme difficulties dealing with those platforms. (We spent a lot of time and effort on this.)

Q: Is this some sort of sneaky coin-stealing malware or cryptominer?

A: No, but don't just take our word for it; see for yourself how VirusTotal reports (as of 2018-01-08) that 0 out of 66 anti-virus vendors suspect that this program is malicious in any way. However, in order to stay safe, make sure to only get it here, from the official site. Although we haven't fully tested these external resources (and thus cannot say for sure if they add something to the installer), this software is also available via: Softpedia (who awarded this program with their "100% clean" label).

Q: Does this program allow me to actually exchange money?

A: No, you cannot use Easy Bitcoin Currency Converter to actually exchange currencies. Its primary purpose is simply to allow for crypto-based and "traditional" (fiat) money calculations, easily and privately.

Q: How exactly are the rates calculated?

A: On our end, we fetch fresh rates from multiple trusted sources every half hour to our servers. Then, each time the program is started, it fetches these rates in one go, encrypted, straight from us. This is the only data that is transmitted over the network; all calculations are thereafter done locally on your computer. Bitcoin's value, and the other cryptocoins' values, are an average of the last 24 hours from all major exchanges, as this appears to be the most useful version of their often wildly fluctuating prices.

Q: Which currencies are supported?

A: Currently supported currencies, in alphabetic order: Australian dollar (AUD), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Brazilian real (BRL), Bulgarian lev (BGN), Canadian dollar (CAD), Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY), Croatian kuna (HRK), Czech koruna (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), Ethereum (ETH), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Hungarian forint (HUF), Icelandic krona (ISK), Indian rupee (INR), Indonesian rupiah (IDR), Israeli shekel (ILS), Japanese yen (JPY), Litecoin (LTC), Malaysian ringgit (MYR), Mexican peso (MXN), Monero (XMR), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Norwegian krone (NOK), Philippine peso (PHP), Polish zloty (PLN), Pound sterling (GBP), Ripple (XRP), Romanian leu (RON), Russian rouble (RUB), Singapore dollar (SGD), South African rand (ZAR), South Korean won (KRW), Swedish krona (SEK), Swiss franc (CHF), Thai baht (THB), Turkish lira (TRY) and US dollar (USD). More crypto currencies may be added without the need for you to update the software.

Q: What languages and locales are supported?

A: Only English is supported for the interface, but the program is so straight-forward that it can be understood by anyone. The way in which both money sums and numbers in general are formatted is "international" rather than based on any specific locale, in that is uses spaces for thousands separators and a period for decimals. This was done as a neat compromise to keep the program free from clutter and confusion, and also to avoid any misunderstandings in global contexts by displaying the digits in the most clear and understandable manner.

Q: Does it auto-update?

A: In short: no. When fetching the rates from us, it also learns which is the latest version at the same time. If there's a new version, the user will see a little text in the bottom-right part of the window, allowing them to click it to download the new version. However, it isn't automated or "silent", mostly for security reasons. Not updating will not put the user at risk due to how "contained" this program works. Updates will be rare and carefully made since we know what a pain it is to have software nag you constantly about new versions, oftentimes breaking existing features and adding unwanted "bloat". We refuse to be part of that serious problem and will not rush things.

Q: Any known bugs?

A: In the current version (2), there is only one known mistake (minor) so far: if you bring up the "help box", the list of "supported units, currencies and variations" does not mention any of the main currency symbols except for EUR (which is internally used as the "base"). However, these are already listed in the main view anyway. A few supported aliases, such as "bucks" and "dollars", are also missing from that list. Naturally, this will be corrected in the next version.

Q: What's the history of this program?

A: Version 1 was originally released for Microsoft Store in the later part of 2017 and sold for $7.99 USD/license. After it was determined that Microsoft Store really is just a waste of time and energy (for example, they give you zero exposure and you are forced to buy useless ads that cost more than could ever be regained from sales), we tried to sell the program on our own for a while before eventually developing and releasing a new, improved version (2) in early 2018, now free of charge with a small added text "ad" (currently just asks for donations, and it will never link to anything fishy/evil), which is fetched from us simultaneously with the rates. The program can be seen as "donationware" in that it's given away with the implication that those who like it, and are able to, should donate/tip an amount that they feel is reasonable.

This program was created, and is developed, by SpriteLake.